Covid-19 epidemic into acceleration phase in Lapland Hospital District – new restrictions and recommendations adopted in Inari Municipality


Lapland Hospital District moves into acceleration phase of the coronavirus epidemic

In Lapland Hospital District there are several chains of transmission, sources of which are still unknown. Even Covid variants have been detected in the hospital district. New restrictions and recommendations will be adopted in Inari Municipality. Regional State Administrative Agency for Lapland has decided to ban events with more than 20 participants in the region of Lapland Hospital District between 22 February and 21 March, 2021 (link to the authority's press release in Finnish)

Situation in Inari Municipality is still quite stable

One local Covid case has been reported during the last  week, and the persons exposed to coronavirus have been traced. Inari Municipality recommends remote work for everybody who has a possibility to do it. In addition, the use of face masks is recommended in all working places and all public spaces. The use of face masks is also recommended for pupils of secondary schools and upper secondary school. Education Department will give further instructions on pupils’ use of face masks.  

Recommendation to restrict group hobbies between 22 February and 14 March

Group hobbies of persons over 16 years old are recommended to be paused for following three weeks. Group activities arranged by Inari Adult Education Centre (excl. remote learning) will be paused between 22 February and 14 March 2021. Inari Municipality recommends strongly that tournament or game activities crossing municipal borders will not be arranged even for younger children, starting from Saturday 20 February

Low-threshold coronavirus testing

Ivalo Health Centre recommends to have a coronavirus test taken at a very low threshold.  It is easy to get tested. Testing is free of charge and the result will be ready within one hour. Contact Ivalo Health Centre and book an appointment for corona test by calling +358 40 188 7400 on weekdays between 8:15 - 10:00 or 13:00 -14:00. In sudden and urgent cases, please call the on-call nurse's number +358 40 770 9187 any time, 24/7.

Municipal officials in Inari monitor the situation carefully and will specify the instructions if needed. 

Further information:

Outi Liisanantti
Medical Director

Ilkka Korhonen
Director of Education Department

Toni K. Laine

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