Corona vaccinations in Inari Municipality


General information about corona vaccination on the website of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare / Vaccines and coronavirus

Following persons can now book an appointment for vaccination:

  1. All residents of Inari who are 16 years old or older
  2. Persons who are 12 to 16 years old and belong to risk groups 1 or 2 
  3. Persons who are living in Inari for over five months but are registered as residents elsewhere.  

You can book an appointment for vaccination by calling following numbers:

If the first letter of your surname is A – L   à     call +358 40 571 8515

If the first letter of your surname is M – Ö  à     call +358 40 486 2614

These telephone numbers are open on weekdays between 8:00 and 15:00. In case you need to cancel your appointment, please use the same numbers. If the number is busy or does not answer, you will be called back. 


Persons belonging to risk groups 1 and 2, who have following conditions/treatments:

  • Organ transplant or stem cell transplant
  • Active cancer treatment
  • Severe disorders of the immune system
  • Dialysis treatment
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Down syndrome (adults)
  • Type 1 or 2 diabetes requiring medication
  • Asthma requiring continuous medication
  • Severe heart disease
  • Neurological illness or condition that affects breathing
  • Immunosuppressive drug therapy for autoimmune disease
  • Severe chronic liver disease
  • Type 1 diabetes or adrenal insufficiency
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Psychosis
  • Morbid obesity (body mass index more than 40)

We will inform you about next groups to be vaccinated in the local newspaper Inarilainen and on the municipal website, as soon as we receive new information about availability of vaccines.


Director of Outpatient Care, Inari Municipality

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