The videos of Make Inari Your Home

- A complete change of life

We asked from four foreigner residents of Inari municipality some questions: "How and why did you came to Inari?", "What made you stay in Inari? or "What made you to do business in Inari", "What is the best in Inari?" and "What is the way of life in Inari like?  Please, listen and watch the videos.

Video 1/5: The Way of Life in Inari,


Video 2/5 "Rachel"


Video 3/5: The Way of Life in Inari, "Anna"


Video 4/5: The Way of Life in Inari, Patrick and Nyima,




Video 5/5: The Way of Life in Inari, Josi and Markus   

 Video 6/Extra: A Taste of Summer by Inari"


Video Production: Skyproduction Oy
Client: Inari Municipality,Smoothly into Arctic Life Project
Financed: ESF, European Social Fund through Centre for Economic Development Lapland(Ely-keskus) and Inari Municipality 


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