Other construction and housing issues

Environmental permit

The execution of certain procedures requires an environmental permit for the consideration of the related risks and the impact and hence reduces the potential environmental stress caused by the procedures. More information and the necessary forms can be found at http://www.ymparisto.fi/en-US.

Notification about noise

A notification of temporary activities causing noise and tremor must be done at least 30 days before the activity starts.

Notification about an exceptional situation

Should emissions or waste be generated by an accident, production disruption, dismantling of a building or machinery or by other similar causes so that it can cause imminent and apparent danger of spoiling the environment or require special action in the waste management due to the amount or properties of the waste, the person in charge of the activity or the owner of the waste must report to the environmental protection authorities without delay. Such emissions or waste can be produced e.g. during a fire or when dangerous chemicals are released for example to storm gutters or soil.

Water supply

Inarin Lapin Vesi Ltd supplies the drinking water and handles the waste water in Inari and Utsjoki municipalities.

Customer service number: 0207 460 300 during weekdays, email asiakaspalvelu@inergia.fi

Hotline for problems with water and sewage pipes: 0207 460 388

For more information see their website http://www.inarinlapinvesi.fi/ (in Finnish).

Electricity and heating

Inergia Ltd is a corporation that provides services in electricity transfer, heating and water supply.

Customer service number: 0207 460 300 during weekdays (9am – 3pm)

Hotline for problems with electricity and heating: 0207 460 355

For more information see their website http://inergia.fi/ (in Finnish).

Waste management

Waste management in Inari municipality and in eight other municipalities in Lapland is organised by Lapeco, a municipal consortium for Lapland. Every property has the obligation of joining the organised waste transport system.

Customer service number: 040 3511 771 during weekdays (9am – 3.30pm),

email asiakaspalvelu@lapeco.fi

E.g. questions about emptying trash cashs, invoicing, notice e.g. on the change of address, other advice on waste management

See their website for more information http://www.lapeco.fi/ (in Finnish).


The waste management lawforbids leaving rubbish, dirt or discarded machinery, equipment, vehicle, vessel or other object in the environment so that it can potentially cause danger or be harmful to health, cause untidiness, make the scenery ugly, reduce the satisfaction of the users or cause other related danger or harm. Releasing or spilling liquid waste in the nature is also considered as littering. More information can be obtained from the Environmental Supervisor a.i. Juhana Jalkanen, email juhana.jalkanen@inari.fi .

Grants for repairs and energy efficiency

Government funds are used for financial assistance/grants for repairs given to people of 65 years and older on social grounds as well as discretionary energy efficiency grants for small residential buildings. These grants can be applied within a national application period which is notified in the official gazette of the municipality. More information can be obtained from the Property Manager/Building Inspector of the municipality.

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