Pre-primary and basic education

All children have the right to be educated and must attend to preschool or basic education. 6-year-olds attend preschool. Children then attend first grade 1 in the year that they reach the age of 7. As of January 2021, compulsory education extends to the age of 20. The new complulsory education requirements include obtaining one post-basic-education qualification from a general upper secondary school or vocational institution. School education in Finland is free of charge.

There are 4 comprehensive schools in the municipality of Inari. Ivalo primary school for 6-12-year-olds, Ivalo secondart school for 13-16-year olds, Inari school for 6-16-year-olds, and Sevettijärvi school for 6-16-year-olds. Preschool for 6-year-olds is also available at the Saariselkä nursery school.

Preparatory education is provided to children who have not yet mastered Finnish or who require support to obtain sufficient language skills for managing at school. This preparatory education lasts for one whole academic year, and the students study basic language skills and how the school environment works. After this preparatory education, the pupil can manage well with the normal teaching. The pupil participates in normal teaching group classes during their preparatory education, so they are able to make friends in the school community.

If you are moving to Inari for a longer period of time, please contact the local school secretary to register your children for school. To register for preschool education in Saariselkä, please contact the nursery school directly.


Ivalo primary school, Marika Jalonen:, phone +358 40 1685 574.

Ivalo secondary school, Minna Sorvari:, phone +358 40 571 2896.

Inari school, Tarja Aikio:, phone +358 40 589 5684.

Sevettijärvi school, Johanna Nieminen:, phone +358 401547220.

Saariselkä nursery school, Marja Helander:, +358 40 6207697.

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