Financial aid for associations, organisations and other actors

Financial aid granted by the municipality supports association and civic activities in Inari and encourages municipal residents to engage civic activities.

Financial aid may be granted to Inari residents or associations, foundations, organisations and individuals operating in Inari. The municipality grants financial aid each year within the limits of available appropriations. Most of the municipal financial aid are granted in a joint financial aid application process, which is held once a year at the beginning of the year.

The following are financial aid greanted in the joint application process:

  • General financial aid for the activities of a registered association or foundation throughout the year (including basic activities, events, projects, procurement and other statutory activities).
  • Targeted grant for an event, procurement, project or other one-off activities. This may be granted if the applicant does not apply for or receive general financial aid.
  • A village association grant for the activities of a registered village association operating in Inari througout the year.

In addition, after a joint financial aid application period, the municipality may grant discretionary aid in rolling application procedures for an event, procurement, project or other one-off activities which were ineligible to apply for financial aid in a joint application period for a justified reason.

As a rule, only one type of financial aid may be granted to a single applicant. Village associations may be granted a targeted grant or discretionary financial aid in addition to village association aid, where justified.

Financial aid practices are described in more detail in the municipality's financial aid instructions (in Finnish).



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