Adult education and professional training

In the different education centres, you can supplement and increase your knowledge and skills through diverse trainings and courses. At the Inari Adult Education Centre, you can study languages and take general education courses. The Sámi Education Centre in Inari provides education on the Sámi language and culture, vocational education and training, and short trainings for supplementing prior competence. REDU Lapland Education Centre is the largest vocational education provider in Lapland, and it operates throughout the region. In addition, educational institutions around Finland offer remote studies, so you can complete your studies elsewhere while based in Inari!

You can also supplement and increase your knowledge and skills by taking short courses in the different education centres. For example, you can take a license training course and then complete the exam for obtaining a hygiene passport, an alcohol passport or a safety passport for the tourism sector.

Apprenticeship training (oppisopimuskoulutus) makes it possible to study for a profession while working. Through apprenticeship training, you can study a vocational qualification (completely or in part) through carrying out practical work tasks in the workplace. At the same time, this workplace learning gets supplemented by knowledge-based studies. Apprenticeship training is a full-time activity and requires both an agreement with the educational institution providing the training (e.g. Redu or the Educational Centre of the Sámi Area) and an employment contract lasting for the duration of the apprenticeship training. Entrepreneurs can also apply for support for their own apprenticeship training. For more information on apprenticeship training in Inari (page in Finnish), please contact Development Coordinator Marja Männistö (GSM +358 400 231 765,

As an unemployed person, you can access the education and training offered by the TE Office in order to develop your professional skills. You can also study while receiving unemployment benefits, provided that your studies last less than six months and will help you find employment.

Integration training for immigrants involves intensive teaching on the Finnish language and Finnish society, culture and working life. Integration training can be applied for through the TE Office or municipal social services. In the event of unemployment, the TE Office will assess the suitability of integration training for your situation and needs. Through the TE Office, you can also apply for intensive language training provided online during your unemployment.


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