Social and health department

Responsibilities of the Committee for social and helth service

1. Social services and income security

2. Pre-primary education stipulated in basic education act

3. Public health services and specialist medical care

4. Tasks appointed for social and health sevices in different laws and acts

5. Alcohol and drugs interventios

The environmental sub-department of the social and heath committee has been appointed following tasks in Inari and in Utsjoki

1. Environmental health care and environmental protection

2. Veterinary services an animal protection

3. Tasks related to rural development authority in Inari Municipality

The department is led by the Director of social and health department, Mr. Jaakko Seppänen

Units of responsibilities and persons in charge:

- Day care services - Director of day care services

- Social work - Director of social work ms. Mirka Linna

- Out-patients´care - Director of out-patients´ care

- Medical practice, emergency medical service and ambulance service - Medical director ms. Outi Liisanantti

- Institutional care and housing services - Director of institutional care

- Oral hygiene - Leading dentist Ms Hanna Lepojärvi

- Environmental inspection, veterinary services and rural development services - Munipical veterinarian and leader of health inspection ms. Minna Saramo


Health care service