- Register form for all new residents moved to Inari 

We are delighted to have you as a new resident in the municipality of Inari. Through the Welcome to Inari campaign, we send all new residents a welcome letter, including a personal Inari passport and a brochure about the municipality. In order to receive your welcome letter, please fill in the registration form below. Naturally, we here in the municipality office do not automatically receive information about new residents.                     

Inari passport gives you access to the services sports services of Inari Municipality or Sami Museum - Nature Centre Siida. A decision is made on the campaign on an annual basis and the passport contains instructions on how to use it. Inari passport is intended for those who have moved to the municipality in this year. 

We wish to provide all our residents with good local services and optimal conditions for working, entrepreneurial activities and living. 

Inari’s slogan is “Mighty by nature”, which describes the municipality on many levels. For a long time, Inari’s asset has been – and continues to be – multiculturalism. We hope that together we can build a common future in Inari with care and faith in the future. We can cope with future challenges through a positive mind-set and prompt actions. 

It is particularly important for the local authority in Inari to hear your opinion on your new home municipality. One way to send messages is through our website: www.inari.fi. Of course, we are also prepared to facilitate your relocation process through the services we provide at the municipal hall and other local service points.

Welcome to Inari, your new home municipality!

Tommi Kasurinen

For more information on the campaign for new residents, please contact Head of Communication and Cooperation Anne-Marie Kalla, anne-marie.kalla@inari.fi.




I have moved permanently to Inari during this year. Using this form, I would like to order a new residents’ gift for myself and my family members who have moved here with me. I hereby declare that I am a permanent resident of Inari and thus entitled to the welcome gift donated by the municipality: Inari passport for worth EUR 30. This campaign does not apply to temporary residents of Inari or those who have moved to the municipality before this year. 

I declare that the information I have entered is correct
You may send me further information on municipal activities (newsletters, mail related to the campaign)
Please note that this form is linked to the Welcome to Inari campaign for new residents of the municipality of Inari, and it does not replace registering as a resident at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. If you move permanently to Inari, you can register Inari as your municipality of residence to benefit from all public services to local residents.
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