Building supervision

The technical committee oversees that the community plans are complied with in the construction within Inari municipality. The local authorities also handle the necessary permits and paperwork related to construction and other procedures. In addition, they supervise the maintenance & care of the buildings and the infrastructure.

Information and advice can be provided by email:

Administrative requests e.g. old permits, drawings, admittance of documents and requests for the application documents:

Address: Inari municipal building, Piiskuntie 2, 99800 Ivalo

Online services for building permits - (

Here you can apply for building permits and manage the required procedures with the authorities online, all on one website. The service is available in Finnish and Swedish. You need to register for the service the first time you use the site and then continue with your email and your chosen password.

You start the process by naming the location where you are applying for the permit. The site helps you to select the correct actions for your application, and it also directs you to the appropriate authorities when you need advice. You should count with 2-4 months to complete the whole permit process. You can speed up the process by submitting the complete set of documents with annexes, together with the certificate from the hearing of the neighbours.

The required documents and reports (in Finnish):

1) Building permit application (Rakennuslupahakemus in Finnish), form Lomake ke 6666, 2 copies, and Building project notification (Rakennushankeilmoitus RH I in Finnish), form VRK:n lomake

To be signed by all the people who have been identified as owners in the legal confirmation of title to the property, in the deed or in the rental agreement. Can be signed also by another person by proxy. Building project notification (RH I) has to be filled separately for each building to be constructed.

2) Document on the right of possession of the building site, 1 copy

The right of possession can be proven by the original legal confirmation of title to the property or by its copy. This certificate can be bought at the Land Survey Office in Ivalo (tel. 020 690 673), Inari municipality, Magistrate or Lapland District Court. The certificate can be maximum 3 months old. Another way to demonstrate the right of possession is by presenting the deed, the gift certificate or the title in case the legal confirmation of title to the property is not possible, or by using the rental agreement as proof.

3) Extract from the Finnish Trade Register (for companies and associations), 1 copy, for more information see

The extract is required only when the applicant is a company or an association.

4) Extract from the community planning or map of the register, in 1:10 000 ratio, 2 copies

For any building site located in the area of the town plan, waterfront plan or zoning plan, an extract of the plan can be obtained for a fee from the Planning Assistant Päivi Semenoff in the technical department of Inari municipality.

For the building sites outside the planning areas, the required extract of the register map can be ordered for a fee from the Ivalo Land Survey Office, address Kaamostie 6, 99800 Ivalo.

5) Building site layout, in 1:500 or 1:1 000 ratio, 3 copies with titles

The layout must state the following:

i. The location of the new building, dimensions and distance from the borders, other buildings or known points, as well as already existing buildings and constructions to be demolished

ii. Arrangements for the technical and other maintenance like water pipe, sewage pipes and waste management

iii. Arrangements for the yard like driveways and gangways, parking lots, playground and leisure areas as well as areas for drying laundry and airing carpets

iv. Elevation ratios, presented with elevation charts if required, vegetation and surface materials of the yard after the construction, and an arrow pointing to the north

v. Borders of the building site and their length when necessary, as well as markings of the neighbouring buildings and their names if requested

vi. Surface area calculation.

6) Building blueprints (foundation, facades, sections and chimney), in 1:100 or 1:50 ratio, 3 series with titles

i. Floor plan with markings on the external dimensions of the building, the use of the rooms and the arrangements for the air conditioning

ii. Façade drawings, surface materials and colours

iii. Section drawings containing the information on the elevation of the floor, eaves and roof ridge from the ground and the height of the rooms

iv. Section drawings on the chimney, related structures

v. Structural report on the structures of the base floor, outer walls and roof, explaining the strength of the used materials. The report can also be done separately.

7) Hearing of the neighbours, form Lomake ke 6696

The neighbours have to be notified of the initiation of the building permit application. The word neighbour implies the owners and tenants of the properties next to or opposite to the site (in case there are several owners or tenants everyone must be heard). The forms for the hearing of the neighbours are available at the building supervision office or at website. If the municipality executes the hearing a fee of 74 €/neighbour will be collected for each owner or tenant.

8) Energy investigation of the building (E number), 1 copy (investigation is usually made by the main designer)

9) Building foreman application, form Lomake 6696, 2 copies

The builder has to recruit a building foreman in charge, and when necessary also the foremen for the building water and sewage as well as air conditioning, prior to starting the construction work.

10) HVAC plans when requested, in 1:50 ratio

11) Plan for the treatment of the waste water, form Suunnitelma jätevesien käsittelystä, 2 series

When constructing outside the sewer system, the plan for the treatment of the waste water has to be attached to the building permit application. The plan is to contain an explanation of the environmental conditions (soil, surface and ground water conditions), a description of the structure of the waste water system (section drawings and elevation information), measurements, operating principles, cleansing results and environmental load. The structures pertaining to the waste water system have to be noted down in the site layout.

When constructing inside the sewer system the property must be incorporated in the sewer system.

Every property that has already been built should have a report on its waste water system. This report has to be submitted fully filled out together with the building or procedure permit. A report is different than a plan but it provides basic information on how to improve the waste water system.

More information is available at Inarin Lapin Vesi Ltd,, and from the Environmental Supervisor and Construction Supervisor of the municipality.

More information can be found in the website of the National Land Survey of Finland

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