Building  supervision

According to Finnish legislation of Land Use and Building (Maankäyttö- ja rakennuslaki), a building
or an action permit is required for a variety of building projects. Application for a permit
must be handled in Building Supervision Authority before the construction commences.
Building permit decision will be made by legislation in Building Supervision Authority and a fee
will be charged by list of prices.

Building Supervision Authority in Inari Municipality is Technical Committee (Tekninen lautakunta).

Contact information:
Municipality hall in Ivalo, Piiskuntie 2, 99800 Ivalo.

Building inspector: +358 40 770 5173
Inspector engineer: +358 40 861 8963
Permit secretary: +358 400 984 670

A building permit is required for:

  • construction of a new building
  • repair or alteration comparable to building construction
  • extending a building
  • increasing the floor area of a building
  • repair or alteration with an obvious impact on the health and safety conditions of the building users
  • substantial alteration of the intended use of a building or a part of it
  • repair or alteration of the external envelope or technical systems of a building that may have a significant impact on its energy efficiency.

An action permit is generally needed in connection with permanent installation or location of structures such as:

  • canopy, shed, outhouse
  • mast, tank or container
  • dock or pier over 20 m²
  • waste water treatment system

Before applying for a building permit or an action permit we also recommend that you contact the

building supervision authority of the municipal to discuss the project.
More over the laws, the building project has to follow detailed plan, general plan and municipal
building ordinance (Inarin kunnan rakennusjärjestys) and Finnish building regulations. Pleace
notice, that Your project may also need a deviation permit from municipal board, which prolongs
processing time at least one month.
In your building project, first of all we kindly recommend you to find a designer (engineer, architect
etc.), who knows Finnish laws and regulations and will help you with the permit application
process as well as during the building period.
According the law you have to name a qualified designer draw up the official project plans for
permanent records and carry the liability for his/her work. The named designer has to be accept
for the project in your building or action permit by authority.

Applying for a building permit or an action permit

In Inari we use website for permit processing. Applications for building and action permits can be submitted there by land holder (land owner) or his/her designer by mandate. The web page programme is in Finnish and Swedish, and you also have to have e-mail address and Finnish bank identifiers to log in.

Attachments to the application:

  • document proving that the applicant is the titleholder of the building site (legal ownership document, lease agreement, legal deed or similar)
  • building permit drawings (site map, plans, sections and elevations)
  • hearing of neighbors in writing (all neighbors must be heard)
  • survey of ground and soil
  • waste water treatment system in rural areas
  • energy report (including energy certificate).

Depending on the building project, other documents may also be required in connection with a permit application.
Liability for the application and its attachments rests with the qualified principal designer.

When the application documents are corrected and completed, and there are no objections, the permit can be granted.

Average permit processing time is 1-4 weeks.

Construction must not commence until permit decision has gained legal force. An officeholder’s decision gains legalforce 14 days, and that of the Building Supervision Committee 30 days from issue of the decision provided that no objections have been entered. The date is writen in your permit.

In building or action permit document, you will find the terms to follow in building period such as; the foremans and designers to be named, the specific plans to be approve and inspections to have. The permit will be in Finnish.

For further information on legislation and regulations, visit the Ministry of the Environment: