Ivalo Health Centre

Sairaalantie 15
99800 IVALO
Phone: + 358 40 188 7400 (weekdays 8.15 am – 10 am and 1pm – 2 pm)
Information: +358 40 482 5250
Emergency service 24h + 358 40 770 9187
Ambulance 112

Please note that if Inari is not your municipality of residence, you will be treated only for conditions that require immediate assessment and treatment and which cannot be postponed without significant negative health consequences.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment, please call +358 40 188 7400 (weekdays 8.15am - 10am and 1pm - 2 pm)

When you call for an appointment, please choose one of the following:

  • Urgent appointment: dial 1
  • Appointment: dial 2
  • Prescriptions: dial 3
  • Other: dial 4

You can request a call-back by listening through the complete announcement. Your phone number is saved and you receive a call when our operator is available.

Doctors’ appointments

Visits to the doctor by appointment only. Please look above for instructions how to book an appointment.

The fee for appointments is established in the social and health care client fees act. Fees are reviewed every two years. Minors are exempt from the fee. The fee for no-show is currently 50,80 €. Children under 15 years are exempt.

Nurse’s appointments

Nurse’s visits by appointment only, except for urgent cases.

Conditions typically treated by nurses include the following:

  • assessment of treatment needs
  • wound dressing
  • removal of stitching
  • injections

Fees for nurse’s appointments are collected per appointment or on an annual basis.

Make an appointment by following the instructions above.

Nurse on duty 24/7 (for emergencies only)
+358 40 770 9187

Emergency Care

Emergency treatment is available weekdays from 8am to 4 pm at the health centre. During other times, emergency care is available in the hospital ward. The hospital ward entrance is on the west side of the building, facing the river. You can reach the nurse on duty 24/7 at +358 40 770 9187.

Emergency treatment is exclusively for patients with conditions that require immediate assessment and treatment and which cannot be postponed without significant negative consequences to the patient’s health. These conditions include:

  • Chest pain
  • Paralysis symptoms such as sudden weakness in a limb, no ability to function, or difficulties in speech
  • Heavy bleeding (for example: vomiting blood, a large bleeding wound)
  • Infant’s fever
  • Large injuries and broken bones
  • Sudden intense head ache
  • Difficulty to breath
  • Sudden intense or aggravating stomach ache.

Emergency care fees are valid weekdays from 8pm - 8 am and on weekends.

In case of emergency, please call the emergency services at 112.


Costs for foreign citizens

You are responsible to cover the costs of any doctor visits unless you have a municipality of residence in Finland or you are entitled to public healthcare services on the grounds of employment. If you have entitlement to medical care in Finland, you will be charged the same user fee as other local residents.

If you don't have entitlement to public healthcare in Finland, you must pay for appointments on arrival in cash or with credit card. You will receive a receipt and may be able to reclaim your expenses from your travel insurance.

If you are a citizen of an EU or EEA country or in possession of an European Health Insurance Card you may qualify for lower charges. All other patients are charged the actual cost of the treatment.

For more information, please call. +358 40 482 5250 (weekdays 8am till 3 pm)

Entitlement to public healthcare

If you do not have a place of domicile in Finland, but you are entitled to public healthcare on other grounds such as employment, you can apply entitlement to public healthcare from Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland). Visit Kela's website for more information about medical care in Finland and how to apply entitlement to medical care.

Private Healthcare

Private health care:
Phone 030 6000
Piiskuntie 5, 99800 Ivalo
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