Participatory budgeting

Participatory budgeting is an operating approach in which residents are included in the discussion, planning and decision-making on public tax revenues. This is based on the idea of a direct and inclusive democracy, in which the residents decide how the public funds available to the municipality are used. Participatory budgeting enables people to define and prioritise public consumption targets. At the same time, it provides a path for ordinary citizens to be genuinely involved in decision-making. Participatory budgeting is one way to promote the participation of municipal residents.

There is no one right approach to participatory budgeting - it can be implemented in a wide variety of ways. In participatory budgeting in Inari, residents are able to decide how to use a EUR 10,000 appropriation.

Read more about participatory budgeting on the Association of Finnish Municipalities website (in Finnish).

Participatory budgeting in Inari

Participatory budgeting in Inari has four stages:

1. Collection of proposals

Any resident can suggest how to use EUR 10,000. Each proposal must be feasible within the EUR 10,000 appropriation, it must be implemented in Inari, it must be within the competence of the municipality, and it must comply with applicable regulations and legislation.

2. Preparation of proposals for the vote

The municipality assesses which proposals are feasible. Proposals that are similar will be combined and proposals that cannot be implemented with an appropriation of EUR 10,000 or that can be implemented as part of the municipality's basic work will be eliminated. Proposals to voted upon will be published.

3. Vote

All Inari residents aged 12 or over during the year of the vote will be eligible to vote on their desired proposal. One person may vote once.

4. Implementing the winning proposal or proposals

The proposal or proposals receiving the most votes will be implemented within the framework of the appropriations. The implementation of the proposal can be followed on the municipality's website and on social media channels.

Participatory budgeting in in 2021 (in Finnish)

Participatory budgeting in 2020 (in Finnish)



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