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Biking and mountain biking routes

Open Fell Biking (OFB), summer biking routes in Saariselkä, summer 2022 (.pdf)

Open Fell Biking (OFB), summer biking routes in Saariselkä, summer 2022 (.jpg)

Open Fell Biking (OFB) -winter biking routes in Saariselkä (pdf)

Mountain biking in Saariselkä, year 2020, by Metsähallitus (pdf)

Downhill bike tracks, Ski Saariselkä (

Hiking routes

Summer walking routes ( 

Web-based map by Metsähallitus (

Geological sites in Inari (

Nationalparks by Metsähallitus (

Skiing routes in Saariselkä

Maps of Saariselkä ski routes

Snowmobile routes

Snowmobile routes (


Angling fishing permits and areas by Metsähallitus (

Fishing for residents of Northern Lapland (

Other maps

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