The name ‘Inari’ means different things in different contexts: the name can mean 1) Inari municipality, 2) Inari village, and in spoken language the name can sometimes also refer to 3) Lake Inari. On the map above, the municipality of Inari is marked in red, and the village of Inari is almost in the middle the red area. You can find information about the villages of Inari municipality here.

Village Maps

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  • Address maps (in Finnish)
    • Saariselkä (The tourist centre of the municipality.)
    • Inari village (The centre of Sámi culture in Finland and the former municipal centre.)
    • Ivalo (The current municipal centre.)
    • Törmänen (About 7 kilometers south of Ivalo. The airport road Lentokentäntie starts from this village)

Cross-country skiing

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  • Ivalo (
  • Kaamanen (
  • Keväjärvi (
  • Inari village (
  • Saariselkä (
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  • The condition of the ski tracks in Saariselkä (
  • In Saariselkä ski trail maps printed on paper are sold by hotel receptions, equipment rental companies and Kuukkeli.

Downhill skiing 

Biking and mountain biking routes

Hiking routes

  • Summer walking routes ( 
  • Web-based map by Metsähallitus (   
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    • Only snowmobile routes are shown in the area of Ivalo village. Ski tracks and summer hiking trails can be seen, for example, in the area of Saariselkä and in the area of Inari village.
  • Nationalparks by Metsähallitus (
    • Inari Hiking Area (   
      On this site you can find information and maps about the trails near the village of Inari. 
  • Outdooractive site

Snowmobile routes


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