Education and Culture Department


1. Pre-primary and basic education, as stated in Basic Education Act

2. Morning and afternoon activities for pupils, as stated in Basic Education Act

3. Upper secondary school education, as stated in Act on General Upper Secondary Education

4. Vocational education

5. Non-formal adult education and basic education in arts

6. Library and informaton services, cultural activities, sports activities and youth work.

Responsible units and persons incharge:

- Administration, Ilkka Korhonen, Director of education and culture department 

- Inari school, classes 1-9, Marja Seilonen, Headmaster

- Ivalo primary school, classes 1-6, Pirkko Olli, Headmaster

- Ivalo secondary school, classes 7-9, Ulla  Hynönen, Headmaster

- Sevettijärvi school, classes 1-9, Johanna Nieminen, Headmaster

- Ivalo upper secondary school, Ulla Hynonen, Headmaster

- Adult education centre, Jyrki Kivi, Headmaster

- Library services, Eija Leivo, Director of library services

- Cultural services, Mirja Karjalainen, Secretary for cultural affairs

- Leisure time services, includes sports and youth services, recruitment currently in progress


Inari Municipality

Education and Culture Department

Piiskuntie 2

FIN-99800 Ivalo

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Tel: +358 40 188 7111