Follow decision-making

The municipality decides on a large number of different matters that concern the everyday life of every municipal resident. Some of these matters have a direct impact on the lives of all residents of the municipality, while others have a direct impact on services for a certain age group or services for a certain municipality of Inari.

Information on decision-making is available through official channels. The agendas and minutes (in Finnish) of the municipal council, municipal administration and committees can be read online. In addition, decisions made by the various municipal institutions can be found in the list of decisions (in Finnish), in which information on the decisions made is released before the minutes of the meeting are published. Decisions made by municipal officeholders in the course of performing their official duties can be in the decisions made by the officeholder (in Finnish). The municipality's website also contains municipal strategies, programmes and plans as well as budgets (in Finnish), which guide the municipaty's activities.


Following council meetings

The highest decision-making power in a municipality is exercised by the municipal council. The meetings of the municipal council are open to all interested parties, and, in most cases, anyone can come to observe the meeting in the council hall. All municipal council meetings are streamed either by video or as a radio broadcast.

Council meetings shall be held whenever necessary. Links for following meetings are added to bulletins on the front page of the municipality's website.



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