Council of Inari Villages

The Council of Inari Villages is a co-operation and development body that provides advice between villages and between villages and the municipality. The purpose of the Council is to promote co-operation between village residents and the independence and viability of villages. It is also responsible for safeguarding the common interests of the residents, promoting the conditions for their livelihoods and ensuring the preservation of services and access to them in the region.

The Council of Inari Villages was established on 18 October 2011. The Municipality of Inari has assigned a secretart to serve at Council meetings and the municipality is responsible for the meeting expenses.

In order to fulfil its purpose the Council of Inari Village:

  • analyses and co-ordinates village needs and ideas;
  • participates in village planning and seeks to influence decision making with positive outcomes for villages in the municipality and in different organisations;
  • submits initiatives and proposals and issues statements concerning village issues to the municipality, authorities and other parties;
  • aims to influence the future plans and development work of municipalities concerning villages;
  • promotes the viability of villages, the comfort and well-being of their residents and measures to improve the conditions for preserving and creating services;
  • organises meetings and events; and
  • acts in other ways comparable to the above in order to achieve its purpose.

The Council of Inari Villages is not aligned with any political party and is regionally impartial.



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