Municipal initiative

A municipal initiative is one of the ways that residents can make their voices hears in municipal matters. A municipal initiative is a written initiative prepared by an individual resident or a group of residents, through which a resident of a municipalitu can directly influence the activities and decision-making of their municipality.

Under section 22 of the Local Government Act (410/2015), residents of municipalities have the right to submit an intiative to the municipality in matters concerning its activities. Service users also have the right to submit an initiative concerning a municipal service. The person submitting an initiative must be informed of any measures taken as a result of the initiative.

If those submitting an initiative constitute at least two per cent of the municipality's residents, the matter must be considered within six months of it being initiated. At least four per cent of residents aged 15 or over in a municipality are entitled to submit an initiative to hold a local referendum.

The initiative must include the name, contact details and municipality of residence of the person submitting it and a brief description of what the initiative concerns. A municipal initiativecan be submitted either electronically or in print.

An electronic municipal initiative can be made on the service or it can be sent to the municipal register office of Inari at A printed municipal intiative can be sent by post to Piiskuntie 2, 99800 Ivalo.



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