Co-operation between municipalities and associations

This page descibes the different forms of co-operation between municipalities and organisations.

Association evenings
Every year, the Municipality of Inari holds 2 - 3 association evenings, which welcome all associations operating in Inari and those interested in association activities. Information on the association evenings is available on the municipality's website and social media channels, via e-mail and in the local magazine Inarilainen.

The aim of the association evenings is to deepen co-operation between municipalities, associations as well as between associations. Association evenings are also intended to increase the flow of information, to cope with experiences and to deal with common issues.

Financial aid
Each year, the Municipality of Inari grants financial aid to Inari residents or associations, organisations and individuals operating in Inari. Most of the municipal financial aid is granted annually in a joint application process held at the beginning of the year, in which the municipality's general financial aid, targeted aid and village association aid are granted. In addition, the municipality may grant discretionary financial aid in rolling application procedures.

Read more about municipal financial aid here.

Would you like to receive a newsletter for associations in your email? The newsletter is sent out about four times a year. It provides information on co-operation between the municipality and associations, financial aid and other topical matters. The newsletter is in Finnish. Contact information will not be disclosed for any other use.

Subscribe to the associations newsletter here (in Finnish).

Use of municipal facilities
As a rule, the municipality offers its premises for use by associations free of change. The facilities of the Ainola Inclusion Centre can be reserved for the use of associations free of charge. Municipal sports facilities are also generally free of charge for supervised activities.

Municipal event calendar
Associations can announce their own events and other activities on the municipal event calendar (in Finnish).

Project management and application for national grants
The municipality can assist associations in drafting project funding applications and with project management on projects focused on association activities. The municipality may also apply for national grants for the activities of associations operating in the Inari region.

Interest-free short-term loans
The municipality may grant interest-free short-term loans to associations, which they can use to pay, for example, its own contribution to the project funding.

Training for associations
The municipality organises free training for associations. Some of the training programmes are targeted at all associations, while others are aimed at associations in a specific field, such as sports clubs. Information on training is available on the municipality's website.

Senior citizen and Disability councils, Council of Inari Villages
The municipality provides supports for the activities of the Senior citizen and Disability councils by paying their operating costs. There are organisation representatives on the Senior citizen and Disability councils.

The activities of the Council of Inari Villages are supported by the municipality by providing the council with a secretart and convener.

Organisational contact person provides support for organisations
The remit of the municipal contact person for organisations includes co-operation with organisations operating in the municipality. The contact person co-ordinates co-operation between organisations and municipalities, maintains contact with organisations advises organisations on various matters and organises association evenings for all municipal organisations.

For more information on co-operation between municipalities and organisations, please contact the well-being co-ordinator.



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