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Considering moving to Inari temporarily or long-term? We have collected practical information on this site for you to make your dream of moving to Inari a reality.

  • From the "Moving to Inari" section you will find step-by-step guide for moving to Inari from abroad including basic things you need to consider before and when you arrive.
  • You will find more information about life in Inari in the section "Living in Inari". This section includes information about local culture and environment, housing and services in Inari.
  • In the section "Work in Inari" you will find information about working in Inari as well as matters of entrepreneurship and unemployment.

Info and statistics about Inari Municipality

Inari is known to be the largest municipality in Finland and an international travel destination known around the world. According to locals, it is also the most beautiful municipality in Finland. In a nutshell, Inari is an unique mix of cultures, mighty nature and arctic lifestyle as well as Lappish hospitality. Read more information about Inari Municipality >>



Smoothly into Arctic Life in Inari

Inari municipality is currently developing an operational model for settling-in services for work-related immigrants in Inari through a project called Smoothly into Arctic Life. The project is implemented by the Business and development services of Inari municipality and it is ongoing from September 2019 and until Autumn 2021. More information about the project >>

Service path for people immigrating to Inari for work

The service path created as part of the Smoothly into Arctic life -project is a vision of a smooth offering of services set up for the needs of people immigrating for work. The service path describes and demonstrates the mandatory activities that an employed immigrant will encounter when moving to Inari, but also the activities that promote commitment and settling in locally.

The service path serves as a guide for the development of services, as well as for employers, people working with immigrants and immigrants themselves.

Service path in English (pdf)

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During the project the content of our English website will also be revised and updated. If you find some pieces of information missing here, please give feedback through clicking below. Other feedback is also appreciated, especially concerning the functionality of the website.

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Contact Info

In case you have questions etc. about the Smoothly into Arctic Life -project, please don't hesitate to contact 
Business and Development Services, 

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