Youth influence

The Youth council advocates for young people's affairs

The Youth council is one channel through which young people's ideas can be better highlighted. Young people have the right to express their opinions on matters concerning them and to participate in the planning of common issues. Representatives of the Youth council act as advocates for young people in Inari.

The Youth council consists of ten full members and a few school-specific deputy members. The Youth council is chaired by an executive body composed of three members: Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. Young people are also assisted by a support adult.

Read more about the Youth council and its composition here (in Finnish). is a national youth engagement service that enables young people to easily make suggestions, participate and incluence matters concerning them.

Ideas submitted by young people in the service will be forwarded to the person responsible in the municipality of Inari.

Brainstorm, participate and influence in the service (in Finnish).

Youth Council of the Sámi Parliament

The Youth Council prepares those statements, intiatives and other comments which concern Sámi youth and their living conditions. The other main tasks of the Youth Council are to promote the linguistic and cultural rights of Sámi young people throughout Finland and to strengthen the inclusion of Sámi youth in Sámi culture.

Read more about the Youth Council of the Sámi Parliament on the Sámi Parliament website.



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