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This website of the Inari municipality went through a major update in October 2012. The goal of the new site is to present information in a user-friendly and easily searchable way.

The information on the English translated pages is mainly intended for tourists and other visitors. Information about services for local population is generally not translated.

Page updates

The English translation of the site is the responsibility of the Administrative department. You can send feedback through the feedback form

Latest page updates

[04.12.2020] Home page

[24.11.2020] Search results

[13.11.2020] When you arrive in Inari

[13.11.2020] Arctic weather and conditions

[13.11.2020] Prior to arrival

[13.11.2020] Mixture of cultures

[13.11.2020] Living in Inari

[13.11.2020] Moving to Inari

[11.11.2020] Unemployment

[09.11.2020] Statistics

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