Inari Municipality

  • located 300km north of Polar Circle
  • largest municipality in Finland
  • population of 7000 and growing
  • Main economic sectors tourism and cold weather testing for vehicles and tyres (UTAC, Michelin, Nokian Tyres have test areas in Ivalo).
  • A popular film and tv production location.

Lapland North Destinations

  • Unique tourism destinations with nature wonders and local culture.
  • Opportunities for year-round travel offered by Finland’s two largest national parks.
  • Arctic wilderness and high-quality services.
  • In 2022 total of 564 300 overnight stays in the region.
  • main focus at the moment is to develop summer connections

Ivalo Airport

  • The most northern airport of the EU and Finland.
  • Owned by Finavia.
  • Serves all the Lapland North Destinations.
  • Good facilities and service.
  • 198 000 pax in 2022 (240 000 in 2019).
  • 938 landings in 2022 (713 domestic, 225 international)
  • 1164 landings in 2019 (928 domestic, 236 international)

Untapped Destination Potential in Lapland North

  • Ivalo airport serves the whole northern Lapland
  • many growing destinations
  • tourism overnights back to pre-covid but the flight connections not
  • most important markets UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands
  • the biggest growth from the Netherlands, USA and India
  • new investments in tourism - more capacity for coming years
  • a gateway to Northern Norway and the Arctic Ocean (cruise customers)
  • new investmens in cold testing facilities

Lapland North Destinations     
Local DMO
CEO Hanna Kouri
+358 40 7098999

Inari Municipality
Business and Economic Development
Katariina van Boxtel
Tel. +358 400 23 17 65

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