If you are a citizen of EU or EEA member states, you are qualified to register as a jobseeker with TE-Services (Public employment and business services). To register you also need either online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a smart ID card. Alternatively you may use the registration form and e-mail it to kirjaamo.lappi@te-toimisto.fi. You find the registration form here.

If you have a Finnish municipality of residence you also may qualify for unemployment benefits. Especially during the summer season there are jobs available e.g. in construction, property maintenance and health services.

More information is available on the TE-Services website

You can reach TE-services by phone on weekdays from 9am to 4.15pm telephone: +358 295 020713.

For unemployed jobseekers basic income is secured through unemployment allowance or labour market subsidy. There are two types of unemployment allowance: basic unemployment allowance and earnings-related unemployment allowance.


  • Basic unemployment allowance is granted by the Social Insurance Institution (Kela)
  • Earnings-related unemployment allowance is granted by an unemployment fund.


To receive earnings related unemployment allowance the unemployed must be a member of an unemployment fund. If you live in Finland permanently and work as an employee, it is advisable to join an unemployment fund, because your unemployment benefits are better than provided by the basic unemployment allowance. Most funds are closely related to trade unions, but there are also independent unemployment funds like YTK. annual membership fee for YTK is 92€ for 2019.