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From this directory, you can search for products and services offered by companies located in Inari. The service is maintained by the municipality of Inari. Through Company search, you can find the public basic information reported to the Finnish Trade Register by companies.

Through Service search, you can find the information of the companies by filtering product and service names in 20 main categories and more than 160 subcategories.

On the Infographics page, you can find summaries of the companies in the business and service directory, presented as both figures and graphs.

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- Register form for all new residents moved to Inari in 2021

We are delighted to have you as a new resident in the municipality of Inari. Through the Welcome to Inari campaign, we send all new residents a welcome letter, including a personal Inari passport and a brochure about the municipality. In order to receive your welcome letter, please fill in the registration form. 

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