Even though ultimate responsibility lies with the management, occupational safety is always a team effort. Therefore it is important that you, as an employee, are aware of your obligations.

Employees must:

- maintain and promote a high level of occupational safety in the workplace

- follow their employer’s instructionsabide by any relevant safety and protective guidelinesnot harass other employees

- help to keep the workplace neat and tidy

- wear appropriate clothing

- use any protective equipment and devices provided

- not remove any instructions, warning labels or safety or protective devices

- fix any faults or defects that clearly pose a risk if authorised and competent to do so

- report any defectssubmit to a health examination

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Employees have the right to refuse any work tasks that pose a serious risk to their own life or health or to the life or health of others.

Your employer is responsible to provide you with adequate personal protective equipment and teach you safe procedures. E.g. if you are to operate a snowmobile, your employer must give you the necessary protective equipment and must ensure that you are competent to operate a snowmobile.

More information is available on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s website

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