Inari is Finland’s largest municipality by land mass, but total population consists of less than 7000 souls. That is less than 1/2 person per square kilometre! Inari is located north of the 68th parallel, meaning 24 hours of sunshine in summer and only twilight during winter.

Daily average temperature is +14 degrees in July and -12 degrees Celsius in January and February. But actual temperatures may vary from +30 degrees in summer to below -30 degrees in winter. We have 8 distinct season:

Spring – Days get longer and the snow forms a crust, that carries man and beast
Early Summer – Departure of the ice and arrival of migrating birds
Summer – Days of the midnight sun
Late Summer – Harvest of wild berries and mushroom
Autumn – Migrating birds leave, leaves turn colourful and main game hunting season starts
Early Winter – First Snow arrives and lakes freeze
Deep winter – Blue twilight and tranquillity
Late Winter - Frosty winter

The main human settlements are Inari, Ivalo and Saariselkä. Inari is the centre of Sámi culture, Ivalo the administrative centre and Saariselkä the main tourist resort. Finland’s two largest national parks are partly, and epic Lake Inari is entirely within the boundaries of Inari municipality. Inari is a true and unspoiled paradise for seasoned outdoor persons and nature lovers alike.