Lapeco provides waste disposal and recycling services for Inari. It is owned by a consortium of municipalities in Lapland.


All properties in Inari will automatically be charged for their waste management. If you are new in Inari and have acquired a property (recreational or for permanent occupancy), we recommend that you visit the Lapeco office in Ivalo for advise on how to handle your waste and to determine the best waste management plan for you. It is worthwhile to pay Lapeco office a visit, especially if you recycle a lot or otherwise produce little waste.

In Ivalo recycling bins are located here.


Lapeco office Ivalo is located here:

Piiskuntie 5 A

99800 Ivalo


Ivalo recycling center is located here:

Haketie 23

99800 Ivalo

Puh. 0400 121 899