When you move to Inari you may need to make your own contract for electricity and water supply with the local public utility company Inergia.

In order to do so you need:


  • the address of the property you intend to move into
  • your Finnish Personal Identity Code
  • your id, e.g. passport.


The best way to make a utility supply contract is to visit Inergia’s office at Sairaalantie 3A, in 99800 Ivalo. The office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 3 pm.

When you make a contract for the supply of electricity, you have to purchase the distribution from Inergia, who owns the power grid. The actual electric energy you can buy from any Finnish power supplier. Therefor it is sensible to look for the most competitive price among the various power suppliers. There are websites for comparing prices. The most reliable website is the one maintained by the Finish Energy Authority, but unfortunately, it is only in Finnish and Swedish.


Inergia is a local public utility company. Inari municipality is the majority shareholder. Inergia is providing district heating, operating the electricity grid in large parts of Northern Lapland and water distribution in Inari and Utsjoki municipalities.