The Sámi people are the indigenous people of Inari, and matter of fact, most of Northern Europe.

As indigenous people, the Sámi have the right to maintain and nurture their language, culture and traditional ways of life. The Sámi have their own parliament governing, among others, matters of language and culture. The total Sámi population in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia is estimated to be about 75.000, from which about 10.000 live in Finland.

Traditional livelihoods include handicrafts, hunting & gathering, fishing and of course reindeer herding. Nowadays most Sámi work in the same professions as other residents of Inari.

The Sámi language belongs, like Finnish and Estonian, to the Uralic language family. The Sámi dress is an important part of the national identity of the Sámi people. Therefore, the use of Sámi dresses by non-Sámi is discouraged.

For more information, please visit the homepage of the Sámi parliament