KELA (Kansaneläkelaitos / Social Insurance Institution of Finland)

Kela, the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, provides social security coverage for Finnish residents and many Finns living abroad through the different stages of their lives.

Kela - International situations - Information about using health services in Finland and abroad

Hilma – The Support Centre for Immigrant Persons with Disabilities and long-term Illnesses


MIGRI (The Finnish Immigration Service)

The Finnish Immigration Service is a decision-making organisation in matters related to immigration, asylum, refugee status and citizenship and maintains the reception system. The agency implements the Finnish immigration policy and promotes controlled immigration, good administration and human and basic rights.


The Finnish Immigration Service provides specialist and information services in support of political decision-making and for national and international cooperation. The Finnish Immigration Service participates as a specialist in the discussion about immigration.

Tasks of the Finnish Immigration Service:

  • matters related to foreign nationalsʼ entry into Finland, residence in the country, refugee status and citizenship
  • register of foreign nationals
  • produces information for authorities and international organisations


Terveyskeskus (Health Center)

Health Center - Your local health station is the first place to visit in all cases of illness. Your local health station provides basic health care services and referrals for further examinations and treatment. Health stations also support self-care: you may book an appointment for health counselling, measure your blood pressure at a self-service point and participate in the Welfare Division’s group activities.


TE-Toimisto (Public employment and business services)

Public employment and business services


TRAFI (Finnish Transport and Communications Agency)

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is an authority in permit, licence, registration, approval, safety and security matters.


Väestörekisterikeskus (Digital and Population Data Services Agency)

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency promotes the digitalisation of society, secures the availability of data, and provides services for the life events of its customers.


Verohallinto / Verotoimisto (Finnish Tax Administration)

Tax revenue is the public sector’s most significant source of income

Decisions concerning Finnish taxation are made by the Finnish Parliament and European Union. Tax legislation is drafted by the Ministry of Finance and enacted by Parliament.

The Tax Administration collects approximately 95 % of all taxes and tax-like payments in Finland. In addition to the Tax Administration, taxes and tax-like payments are also collected by Finnish Customs and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).

The purpose of the Tax Administration is to collect the right tax at the right time, so as to ensure our society has the financial resources it needs to function. It is for this reason tht we seek to minimise the tax gap through credible tax control; and it is why it is important to maintain a culture of tax compliance, by impressing on people the importance of taxation in society.

Proactive guidance, excellent service and credible tax control ensure the accrual of tax revenues. The goal is to have taxpayers handle tax-related transactions independently and in the correct manner.