If you are a citizen of an EU or EEA member state, you don’t need a residence permit to live in Finland. However, if you stay for more than 3 month, you need to register your right of residence at MIGRI in Rovaniemi. Alternatively, you briefly leave and re-enter Finland before your uniterrupted stay exceeds 3 month.


After filing your application you must visit a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service to prove your identity and show the originals of the documents that you have attached to your on-line application. The nearest service point is located in Rovaniemi.


If you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA country you require a work, residence or seasonal permit from the Finnish Immigration Service. Please check out the Finnish Immigration Service’s website


It is recommended that you to apply for a Finnish Personal Identity Code. The personal identity code helps identify individuals reliably, e.g. two persons with identical names. It is mandatory for many basic services, e.g. to open a bank account. You receive the personal identity code (henkilötunnus) after you have registered with the Population Information System. You can register when you visit the local tax office in Ivalo to apply for your tax-at-source card. Please remember to take your passport, work-contract and residence permit if you need one.

If you intend to stay permanently you apply for a Finnish municipality of residence. Having a municipality of residence is necessary in order to benefit from services offered only to individuals with a municipality of residence, like public health care and child day care. If you want to reside in Finland permanently, you must have an acceptable reason to do so. Acceptable reasons may include:


  • permanent employment
  • self-employed
  • family ties
  • studies
  • sufficient funds


In order to apply for a municipality of residence, you must visit the Register Office in person. For more in information, please look here. You may apply for your municipality of residence with the Register Office before your right of residence is registered with the Finnish Immigration Service. The Register Office will be notified by the Finnish Immigration Service when your right of residence is registered and file your permanent address accordingly.So it may be convenient to visit first the Finnish Immigration Service and right afterwards the Register Office in Rovaniemi.