As an employee you are insured by your employer against occupational accidents. In cases of illness however, you are responsible to cover the costs of any doctor visits unless you have a municipality of residence in Finland or you are entitled to public healthcare services on the grounds of employment. In order to have a municipality of residence in Finland, you must move to Finland permanently. If you are residing in Finland temporarily, for example to work or study for no longer than one year, in most cases you are not entitled to register a municipality of residence in Finland. More information can be found on KELA’s website - The Social Insurance Institution of Finland. For more information on your entitlement to medical care, look here.

You are entitled to paid sick leave only after being under contract for at least one month.

Private health care:

MedInari Oy (Ivalo)

www (in Finnish)

Phone +358 207 205 830

Piiskuntie 5, 99800 Ivalo

Public health care

Ivalo Health Centre

Sairaalantie 15

99800 IVALO

Phone: + 358 40 188 7111 (8.00-15.30 Monday - Friday)

Emergency service 24h + 358 40 770 9187

The emergency number in Finland is 112

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