Winter is the longest season in Lapland. Thermic winter can last for up to 200 days. Temperatures below -40 oC are possible. Frostbite and hypothermia are therefore real and serious risks when living in Inari. Permanent nerve damage, amputation or death may result. Before heading for the outdoors during winter, you should therefore pay attention to the following:

Warm winter clothing consists of:

  • a base layer (non-cotton) – to keep your skin dry
  • a mid layer (warm, non-cotton, e.g. down, fleece or wool) – to insulate you from the cold
  • a shell layer (wind proof, breathing, ventilation, hood) – to protect you from the wind

The areas that are usually most in risk of frostbite are your extremeties and exposed skin. Therefor those areas require special attention.

  • hands – mittens are better than gloves (base layer wool, fleece or down + wind barrier, e.g. leather)
  • feet – large enough boots, non-slip sole, warm insoles + warm, non-cotton socks (+ additional heating pads)
  • nose –balaclava (perform regular checks)
  • ears – knit cab covering ears + hood for wind protection

Others factors to consider

  • Wind chill increases risk of frostbite and hypothermia
  • nicotine decreases blood flow to the extremities
  • staying active and sufficient nutrition keeps you warm

Please also remember to always keep warm clothing in your car in case of a breakdown.


Inari municipal your communication center Viestintäpaja made this nice video showing you how to dress for winter. You find it here. Please don't be scared if you don't own all the layers shown in the video. The right amount of clothing obviously depends on the temperature and your personal preference - and there is always the possibility to stay indoors and enjoy a hot chocolate next to the fireplace.


The Clother website offers additional information ineractive format.